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What is Tacoma Socialist Network?

Tacoma Socialist Network (TSN) is pretty much what the title says it is. This is a place for Tacoma-area socialist activists to network. Note the word “activists” is in bold typeface.

What are we networking about?

  • How can we socialists participate in and be the best builders of the mass movements for social and environmental justice?
  • How can we build roots in, participate in, and help renew and rebuild a vigorous workers’ movement?
  • How can we help the majority of our fellow workers understand the necessity of socialism?

We are not a party or a tendency, nor do we have a party line. We do not see ourselves as the nucleus of a vanguard party.
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Announcing TSN-Notes

TSN-Notes-Banner-thumbnailThe TSN-Notes is a new website that serves as a scratch pad and internal communications mechanism for this site, the Tacoma Socialist Network. If you test out that link, you’ll quickly discover you need a password to access it. If you need to see it, please send us a message at

Some who are not socialists may wish to see it, because currently, the 15/Now website is under construction, and this writer is uploading minutes from the 15/Now Tacoma organizing meeting. The 15/Now Tacoma is a group of activists trying to get the City of Tacoma to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. So whether you are a socialist or not, if you are working on the $15/hour campaign in Tacoma, let us know, and we will supply you with the password.